A Lifetime of Lessons
and Laughter

Dream Leader Wendi Fox,  is  a new breed of motivational speaker. A fast talking stand-up comedy veteran and former high risk drinker who transformed her near tragic party girl lifestyle  into a personal and professional triumph. Fox  garnered much  attention  on the national scene when she  took her testimonial story and her comedic talents to the stage and won the hearts of millions of college students across america with her powerful lifestyle reinvention message. Her comedic brand of “inspirational reality” soon proved to be a game changer in the motivational market place when she began to bridge the gap between education motivation and entertainment.  More than two decades later she turns out the single most successful and longest running drug and alcohol prevention and responsibility campaign in college history. A living legacy in the field of motivational arts, Fox has gone on to lead a personal empowerment and social safety movement  that continues to deliver progressive programs, powerful campaigns  and entertaining keynotes that save life’s, create positive  change, and nurture the human spirit.