What They’re Saying about Wendi

“Wendi was GREAT ! ….Her comedic approach to alcohol awareness is very refreshing to college students, who sit through “traditional lectures” everyday. Her outlook on life is incredible….”

Robyn W. Boyd
Director of Student Activities
The University of West Alabama

“…Thank you for your commitment to educating others on the very serious issues of self-esteem, substance abuse, and finding the path of health. I believe your presentation inspired several students to think twice about their current paths. After years of working with various entertainers and speakers, I really can’t recall a more pleasant experience…”

Rueben d. Perez, Director
Student Organizations & Activities
Emporia State University, Emporia KS

“The students here can be a tough crowd to reach, and as usual she was brilliant. Her performance lecture was thought provoking, funny, and hip. She really seemed to reach our students. Thanks.”

Richard W. Kershaw
Director of Keathley University Center
Middle Tennessee State University

“…her message comes in a comedic package drawn from life experience simple observations The effectiveness of Fox’s program is that she doesn’t preach, she simply relates the truth.”

Christina A. Dent
Journal Staff

“Wendi is Awesome ! The kids loved her. She really is the Best Comedienne with the Best Message. I would have her back every year if possible.”

Edna Early
Student Life Director
WITC New Richmond, WI

“The show itself is a great mix between awareness, entertainment and education. I was amazed by the student reaction. Wendi inspired them to make good decisions and to think before they react.”

Dave Bourassa
Assistant Director Of Student Activities
Regis University, Denver CO

“Wendi has been a tremendous resource for our student and professional staff members. Some artists have a very structured program that is delivered, basically the same at every venue. Wendi makes it a point to communicate with our staff to see if there is anything specific that we would like her to mention or include as part of her presentation. ….As someone who has worked with a variety of speakers over the years, I would give Wendi Fox one of my highest recommendations.”

Becky Druetzler
Director, Greek Life and Orientation Programs
Butler University, Indianapolis IN

“I have had to edit this film a million times and I still enjoy watching her perform.”

Jody McNicholas

Documentary “A Wave Of Compassion”

“Wendi’s performance and message were powerful….everyone gained new insight into the struggle of surviving the insane mixture of alcohol and family life…I was impressed with her professionalism throughout her visit at Hamilton College..”

Stephanie Matson-Santora
Program Cordinator, Student Activities
Hamilton College, Clinton NY

“She was brilliant, I’m stunned…She’s like John Lennon…If he were a comedienne…that’s how good she is.”

Lead Vocalist of Thornbird

The Sweigart Auditorium was packed to near capacity Wednesday night for Comedian and inspirational speakers thought provoking performance was a refreshing detour from the lecture performances that have become synonymous with other speakers. It focused not on reprimanding college drinking, but instead on Fox’s status as “a good example of a bad example.” As a former high-risk drinker, Fox had her share of stories for the audience, and kept the crowd laughing even as her advice began sinking in….Sophomore Steve Brown, who was wearing the goggles, enjoyed the adventure to which Fox challenged him.“The experience was funny, interesting and overall, an inspiring presentation.”

Mike Potts
Rider University
Rider News.com

“Her shows were right on target with what we wanted her to come and speak to our students about…I was pleased with the way she was able to handle the trouble makers and keep the show in line.”

Amy L. Walker
Director of Student Activities
Young Harris College, Young Harris , GA

“…I may want her to come back next year at the same price…”

Mark Brewster
Special Events Executive of Student Activities Committee
Southwest State University, Marshall MN

“Wendi has been to Assumption so many times now, it’s not performing anymore it’s more like catching everyone up to speed at a family reunion. We love her!”

Joe Golia
Associate Dean Of Campus Life
Director of Student Actives
Assumption College, Worcester MA

“Wendi is the best thing to happen to a dry state since water. She’s uplifting; she’s funny and most of all she’s your friend.”

Beckie Hermansen
Snow College, Ephraim UT

“It was very entertaining and informing.”

Marlaine Schneider
Rider University

“Watching Wendi was like taking a drink of water out of a fire hose.”